Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Started to Breathe.


You put your life into me 
When I was dead on arrival and ready to leave
You took me into your heart 
And I started to breathe 
I thought my chances were gone
 All of my bridges were burned and it wouldn’t be long
 Then you took me into your heart 
And I started to breathe
 Life goes many ways 
When you lose your direction the road can just fade
 For me I was going nowhere endlessly 
You showed me through you 
All that I ever needed was to be true 
You see 
A better me inside of me 

Alhamdullilah.things are getting better.
even if it's not.
Im glad.I don't quit after all the trials.
and chaos.
Just walk with the swag.
and I know my swag.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

what are words?


korang sihat?
dah lama tak jengah.belog dh berlapuk seh.busy.aku busy.
dan line tenet agak kurang memuaskan.okay.
aku nak update sekejap cuma.
sebab aku ada banyak gila keje yang harus dan wajiblah aku selesaikan.
life has been like roller-coaster.
memula,aku ingat aku dah nak lingkup.tapi Alhamdullilah.
Allah never fail to ease me.
at first.I thought I would probably die due to stress and disappointments.
But then.I think.what the heck?Im bless.Allah loves me.
He for sure will NEVER brings me trials that I never can over come.
And yes.I walk with swag.Though I was trembling inside at first.
but I am me.I know Im strong.
And what I learn about life is.Becareful in putting your trust to people.
because even your own blood would stab you.
Remember our Prophet Yusuf a.s? He was back stabbed by his own blood.
so don't despair.After all they are only move on.and learned.
so I would like to emphasize on my topic today.
which is.
I mean wat are words if you say it but you didn't even mean it.
ce fikir.sorrylah kalau korang rasa aku cam poyoss sangat nak guna english.
tapi sebab english aku yg poyo ni la i need to freaking use it. ha ha ha.
aku study english like almost the same aku study bm.
so i have to use it because my grammar is suck ya know!
at least korang faham lagi bahasa melayu aku.aku bm dapat B kot SPM.
hahahahha.what the fish cake kan?
takpalah.cite lama.
what are words in term of loving somebody.
korang tak leh cakap cam ni.aku suka kau.or i is loving you.bila tengah happy time je.
when you love a should be dedicated and devoted to love
that person through hard and easy times.come on we are talking about REAL LOVE!
Not some cat love/puppy love.
I mean let say,what if what if one day.the one that you love.based on only appearance.
because they are some havoc hot dude.
and that person met an accident.
and you know have disable in physical stuff like that.
will you love him the same?
of the difficulty makes you some selfish biatch?
and leave him.
because you should realize something.that person is still the same person you love.
the soul still in that body.
why am i actually stressing on this.
because based on my true experience.
I have a bestfriend.and my bestfriend  has a friend.A chinese woman who converted to Islam.
She was married to this fella.and everything was perfect.until she
was diagnosed to have cancer.Heartbreakingly the selfish bastard husband.
left her.divorce her.with their little baby.
the heck are you clarifying your love only for good times is it?
so well.
people.this life.what goes around sure comes back around.
you can say that you love a person so bad.
but if it is only for good just some rubbish that living the life.
and by the way,the wife eventually died.and my friend have to take care of the child.
but luckily his new wife is sorta kind.
and the child finally was took care by her father and step mom.
my friend have to do a regular check up so that there is nothing bad happen to the
hmmm.sad right?
i have a lot of story to share.
but whatever it is.
i gotta be strong for yourself.people can support you but you yourself need to make
up your mind and push to yourself upwards.because if you fail to do so.
this is your life.
if you don't be strong.who else will?
Trust Allah.and chill.
memang.sometimes you feel like kicking people.
because you are so hurt.I know.I lost my temper so many times you know.
you have to be strong.and believe in yourself.
people will stab you.wrong you.hurt you.prick you.but if you
give give them the reason to win.
so i dare you to not giving up.
because if you feel like you are so freaking susah.
trust me.there are so many people that living in difficult state.maybe much worst than you.
Heal your heart.with Allah and Al-Quran.
the best cure.
oh and somehow you can also search for good quotes okay.
it will fire up your spirit.

Where every single promise I'll keep
Cause what kind of human would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

What are words
If you really don't mean the

nanti aku update lagi tahu.
sayang korang.
grammar aku berterabur.
sbb malas sangat nak ikut dan check.
hahah.sorry tahu.

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