Sunday, December 30, 2012

Words :D


Now its like 2 something in the morning.And Im not sleeping yet,OBVIOUSLY!Yeah,
I have this habit which is when I sleep,I sleep too much,when I don't wanna sleep,
its like not so much,so this phase is a phase of DON'T SLEEP MOMENT!
I was planning to packing my things and do some account you know!
But obviously,here I am.hikhik.
I want to share a story with you.Do you know that Im such a unpredictable HUMAN?
I have experienced ups and downs,so much pretty much that it makes me the girl I am 
now.Hewhewhew.Some love me,perhaps a lot hates me.Sorry,InsyaAllah,I'll be better.
So I still have this temper problems,that InsyaAllah with u guys prayer,and my effort,
I'll get better.Nothing is impossible when you trust in Allah,right?
and some more.I have this dark side of me,which I mean maybe just maybe
everybody have which is a NO NO NO.Let's change together!
 I am this girl who have this habit which is,I hate being Humorous!
I take things too seriously,but I would really wanna be this bubbly happy go lucky girl you know!
sometimes I do make joke,but some people that really REALLY really know me
are afraid to laugh,coz if its ajoke or just sarcasm,as I speak a sarcastic language pretty well 
I love quotes,do you guys like quotes?Quotes,Yassin (surah in Al-Quran,muslims know it:)),
crying,eating,reading manga(T_T),stalking my baby,or watching him.Hikhik.
Those things I do when Im upsets,angry,moody.hikhik.Running man too!
sometimes we got married,though its a bit too much.Haish.
Sometimes I always wonder,if Im giving too much,would anyone giving that much to me too?
wahahhahah,this is not sincere lah right?hikhik.
Im just wondering.Its a bit too much sometimes thinking you could so much for ur
people,eh its not only for other half okay,but to those people which I don't really want
to mention.But haish.The feelings of heartache,why lah?why lah?sobs sobs.sorr for the
"LAH" its a slange.hikhik.
Are you feel so unmotivated?
So lets have a cup of coffee or tea or perhaps,go and take wuduk for Muslims :)
When I feel unmotivated,I would really wanna sleep and just doing nothing.
But doing nothing,is just impossible cause when u are sleeping,
u r doing something too.T_T.
What I learn from life and people and experience of course,is 
people will said that and this.Listen to them,if you want to pick one,u pick one,
if not just ignore all the thoughts cause deep down inside u actually 
already make ur own,right?
Be calm,when things happen.Hikhok.I have to do this next time.
Im such a paranoid u know!Ahah.
Just be happy,laugh out loud,pray,pray and pray!
When I feel really really extremely down,I always remember two things.
One,Allah never will put me in the situation which I cannot go through.He know Im
strong enough to take that.Second.There is someone close by heart,but not a mushhy musshy one
okay,he told me.Pray,and recites Al-Quran.I always remember that.
People can hate you or love you,they always do.Their feelings change often you know.
But what can you do is believe,so what?Allah is there for you.
Though its so hurt that no words could describe it.
You can make a change or disturb the stress by thinking that,well hello,
there are people in Palestin,Syria,Afganistan,Rohingya,and bla bla.So many you know!
That living in insecurity.Even in my country,I mean nowadays things are getting
scarier.There are a lot of psychopath and bla bla.Wuhuuu.
But Allah is there.For ladies,cover up!and when you have a chance,
learn some kick boxing or something.Hihi,trust me its worth it baby!
For guys,protect your women,think about your mother and sister if you have one.
Would you like if something bad happen to them?
Do not be so dependent,you have to depends on yourself.
No one will be forever with you except Allah,if you want to be one,
depends on Allah and you wont regret.
Im not that good,in fact Im just extra ordinary.keke.
And now it almost 4.00 in the morning.
I better pack up my things.Love ya.Thanks for reading.
Do drop your comment,love :)
sometimes I feel this way.
but good words made my day :D


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prayer and Effort :D


Trust me,there will be always a rainbow after the rain.wehooo.
and you just need to dream big big one,and if you have enuff faith.
InsyaAllah it will happen.Prayer and effort okay?

Im getting ready for my come back to LENDULONDON uolls :)
Aja aja hwaiting!



Im head over heels is in love with that fella.You can assume who and bla and bla?
But I don't really wanna share.Hikhik.
I mean at least not showing the face.Why?One day maybe one day.
Lagipun lagi manis rasanya kalau I bagi tengok bila dia
dah officially mine.You know,not this boyfriend thingy,but but..
Husband.Though maybe it will take 4 or 5 years,eh who knows it will be soon?
Actually the funniest thing is we BOTH talk in english.Yes.As we bothhave
different mother tongue language,different native,different culture,and yeah different in religion.
But the fact that our slang is super different,sometimes I just can't get what
he is talking about.T_T Hikhok.
He is my miracle.I never even thought that in this earth,there
will be this human with super gorgeous smile,you know?
Im a bit lazy to just stay tune.The best yet to come!Hikhik.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Say Yes to LDR !


So this is short.Caause Im super busy.And Happy,I must say.
So if you ask me what is love?
According to me :
Love is a very beautiful feelings that is seriously indescribable and powerful,
and meaningful and wonderful all the good things!
You will do something insane when u r in love.and its not a faults,right?
hahaha.and finally u know!I thought no one ever would have this
same mind set with me.I mean when I love someone I would really
gone a bit crazy and seriously beyond expectation.That is just totally me.
And yess thats happened!
I won't tell who.
But yeah the journey is probably about to begin.

And he said something that my heart goes really crazzzy!
So what is love according to him:
I totally believe in love.and the best thing about love is,
it makes u do everything that u never thought u will do .Its probably
make the world go around,and I know its sounds a little bit of cliche but its true.
(something like this!)

#so i will update more soon.hihi.excited..happy and more motivated :)


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Judgemental T_T

SO today I want to write about something that is quite serious  to me.
and don't mind my funny english.Im not that good,that's why I only got a only one A- after
5 semester in my University life,but but hopefully this sem which is my last sem,I would
finally get A,YOU KNOW "A" for english :'(,Sir Raja PLIS PLIS!I only got B+ FOR THOSE
3 SEMESTER,AND that's ruin my CGPA u know!
Okay Im currently still struggling to finish My diploma.Yeah Im a diploma student.
Before I went to my dear UiTM,I was a polytechnic student.But too bad I don't really like the
course.I mean Im sucks at IT (Information Technology!).Yeah I know maybe I can,but I don't have my passion there.
And blame it on me for being too lazy to deal with physics and a bit of maths/add maths.
Yeah after one semester there,I finally "fly" to LenduLondon.
So Im taking Office Management at first.But after here and that,suddenly
my course have to be convert  into Business.Idk at that time whether I should be happy or what.
But  yeah,I always wanna be a Business student somehow. Though maybe
some people though that business is just business!But we are obviously learnt a lot
of others course things you know!I have to learn ACCOUNTING,ECONOMY,  And Public Speaking which I love the most!hahahhaha.
And here and that.
so yeah sure maybe  Im not a doctor,or maybe Im not some kind
of engineer,and though I don't really like my own course.Its not like hate.But
Im sucks at typing and office things.People may thought she is a dean list student!
But Man let me told ya,Its ain't easy!I was struggling and jumbling with lots of things.
Was physically and emotionally weak.But because I don't want my parents to be worried.
So yeah I drag my own feet everyday.And yeah I could tell ya Im quite happy nowadays.
Despite all the drama that is so sickening happen to me,so what?
Of course sometimes Im envy of my dear people around me that some how took all
these bombastic course.But hey come on,this is my life right?
Im working things out here.Hikhok.I always love arts,though
for sure Im sucks at art.I can give the idea but but.Idk how to illustrated it.
And maybe Im good at photographic and here  and that.And also talking.
I should have taken MASCOM!but I was a freak that really afraid talking to a lot of people.
People thought Im that brave to give a speech or whatsoever.But Im sure
have an superb adrenaline rush that is so uncool!When Im so nervous everything will
not going to be smooth.That was back then.Nowadays Im much much cooler.(Is it?)
Hahahah,experience you know!
So though this sem Im taking Office simulation!Yeah my nightmare.  More nightmare
than economy and accountancy!Haish,this subject was the subject I really hate,and wish to quit all 
because of this subject!The major subject in my course!
Mmuuahahaha.But lets go with flow,and I know I can do it.Mmuahahah.
Hmm So Im quite confuse right now,cause Im finishing my dip soon.
So Yeah sure I want to further my study.Idk,maybe because I love to study? (T_T)
so Im thinking of this awesome journalist or broadcasting in Mascom,OR for sure
maybe Im taking health Admin. (coz my mom want me too).But Idk if I could fit well
if I jump into the mascomers people.Hikhok.Cause Im shy type of person too!
So to get a better clues,Istikharah is the answer!Oh is a muslim prayer,if you are wondering.
Ouh btw,I was always wondering why am I always feeling so small,
when I have to say,Im this diploma student.Or bla bla.These people around me seriously
have put this bad influence  toward me!!
I mean so what?There are lots of other people that only have SPM,and could
be a millionaire.My gadd,Im sure stucks in this stereotypes of people.T_T.
Its totally NOT cool!I don't like the feeling mingle with this so proud people
that look down at others.Seriously.I mean this life have ups and down u know.
I mean some  people thought that if they are a lawyer or bla bla,then they are better than 
a cleaner?
Hello,if there ain't a cleaner your office for sure is full of mess! 
Ouh if you some how ask me what will I be in the future.
Im not taht sure yet,so are you I guess?Coz there will always be a twist of fate you know.
There is nothing that is easy you know if you get what im saying.
So people always have this misunderstanding that Im gonna be a  secretary.
Is not that Im not proud of being one,but the way they are saying some how is
so annoying!T_T.Or maybe Im just so moody.Hee ~
But sometimes Im glad for taking this path,as my future mother in law (T_T)
was in this path too.Eh?bla bla bla.
so what Im saying is,though Im some how bubbly and blur,Im still a human 
that have feelings.Sometimes I do wanna smack ur face,
but what would I be right?So I rather be silent.Or ignoring or
listen to songs.Or listen to Al-Quran,Or recites it.
Stop being judgmental and makes me feel down.
If you are close to me you should cheer me up,and give me spirit.
Not making me small when be around you.Its ridiculous.Or perhaps
Im gonna run  away of this super judgmental selfish people.  T_T.
Try and believe in me,or I will definitely show you!
Aja aja Hwaiting!!!

#Motivate excited mood.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hall Of FAME !



I just found this awesome lyrics!



Yeah, you could be the greatest

You can be the best

You can be the King Kong banging on your chest

You could beat the world

You could beat the war

You could talk to God, go banging on his door

You can throw your hands up

You can beat the clock

You can move a mountain

You can break rocks

You can be a master

Don't wait for luck

Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself


To Love Me :D

(wave hi to you!)

SO you say you love me?
so you say im your biggest crush?
You don't really know me.
Im a girl who really fussy to be with.Yet,when I finally comfy with you.
I will change.I always moody.I can smile,then cry within a seconds.
I used to cry when everyone fall asleep.Hmm.
I wonder why nowadays I seriously became a soft heart kind of girl.
Haha,when I watch some sad movies,though its not that sad,I will cry.
Its so funny,right?
Hmm.Im not that humorous.Im more to serious type of person.
I hate people that laughing when Im taking things seriously.
But that fella must laugh with me when Im laughing,hard right?
I meant obviously you will thought everything is must be according to me.
I like to push people to their limit.some how thats sucks.:'(
I hate people who give up easily.;
I hate people that is lazy.Or unmotivated.Coz if Im lazy or unmotivated,
who would cheer me up right?Hee~!
I am seriously,insecure.I feel that Im surrounded with people 
that I cant stand live with.But yet endurance.You know endurance?
If not I would definitely kick them.Hihihihi.or I already kick them.
I hate people that hit girls.But I love to hit people,and then I say sorry.
Im the kind of person,that will blame herself even though Im not at fault.
I cant hate people,and if I did,I feel worst.
Im the kind of girl people thought is in love with many people,where as
she is only have that one person set on her eyes.
But she just didn't want everything to get chaos.
So why not mingle with everyone.AND make you all confuse?
Why talk with people that does not care?
or share it with the people that will only abuse your dreams?
 I hate to talk though some people thought I love to talk and she 
just cannot shut her mouth.Yeah,thats call when Im happy and
u make me feel comfy that I wanna share everything with you.
when I don't talk Im afraid if I would say  things that will hurt people.
Coz Im so freaking sarcastic.And Im not that patient somehow.
but because of things you called EXPERIENCE, nowadays I can simply
cope with it.Though Im really not in very good shape.
Its funny how I say to people that like handsome people,but what people don't know
about what type of handsome people for me are,Like kang gary.You know Kang gary?
I just love rappers and also people that have a good personality.
I love guys that is hopelessy romantic but not so mushy okay!
Have some sense okay.And I love roses,any colours  of roses
will do me.White or pink or yellow.or even blue.
Coz red somehow to common.But its great as long I get my roses.
and I love songs,I love musics,yeah sure I love KPOP!
But somehow people forgot,before KPOP I always a fanatic fan
of bollywood you know!As  long as it goods,Iwill listen and watch.
and you you should cook for me!Though even you are sucks at cooking,
Im all looking at effort.
and Im seriousllly love cats,or any other animal.
But too bad not that I really hate or wat,but I will freak out 
with animal like reptile.wuuwuuu.sobs,Im not comfy with them.T_T  .sorry.
haha,I often say things that Im lack of.But baby you know what,
own my heart then I will cook,be the that honey to bun for you :)
I love cup cakes,I some how this kind of skinship type of person.
But as Im a muslim,no SKINSHIP before marriage!!!
I don't really care ur colours,what is ur nationality,
but if u willing and makes some effort.and don't just flirt around.
Hey,why not?
and definately somehow I hate my man being so nice with others.
But all that is the past,now its okay.Coz if you are sincere,
I own your heart though you surrounded with these super gorgeous girls
around you!
and of course,,when you call me beautiful without make up!
and also  also patient!
this is indeed number one for me.
Take note ppleaseesh.
And its a bonus if you know how to sing,rap and also know
how to play music instrument!

#why am I writing this,eh?

Friday, December 7, 2012


Assalammualaikum awoknya!

Okey hari ni saya nak cite sikit.Sorrylah dah lama tak hupdate.
My life is HECTIC.Emotionally physically sangat penat.
Rasanya macam nak lari je travel around the world and marry my other half
on the other side of the world.Hewhewhew T___T
So to be honest,I minat art.You tahu seni tu kan?
I mean takdelah hebat sangat tahap profesor bagai,dan buka lah art
yg macam lukis2 tu.Tapi gambar,dan juga fashion.(Walopon I ni sangatlah fashion terrorist)
 I suka broadcasting,I suka dance walopon I kaki bangku.
Eh kalo tak pandai menari kaki bangku gak kan??
And I love singing walopon sore takdak!ihihihi
I suka musics so muchh and and I suka karang lirik sendiri.h
So over all,yes I am a super hopelessly romantic wifey to be.ayat minta penampo ni.
So beginilah ceritanya.Kalau korang tanya apa Aii suka.
Mesti mcm blur atau cakap,hmm I suka yang glemer2 tu.Bidang yg glemer 
macam retis tu!hihihi.Gilo glemer budak ni.
Aii rasa macam fun je taw.Tapi taknaklah yg bertentangan dgn agama Islam tu.
hee,I love my religion.
So kalo nombor tu,bukanlah I tak suka.Cuma cuma.Aii ni lambat orangnya.
Blur2.Lambat nak paham.Im a slow learner.Eh lajulah gak.
Kena paham bebetul baca banyak ribu riban kali baru faham.
So masa tecit Aii tak suk belajar.Eh Aii gengster taw dulu.
Aii suka main galah panjang ke pendek ke.Mmmuahahha.
But masa dah 12 tahun tu.Me mom dah start taking things seriously.
Yes Im quite bad at maths.Aii rasa masa pekse bese2 tu susah gak ah nak
dapat A.Rasanya dah bape banyak pembaris dah patah digunakanan my mom untuk
menaikkan semangat Aii untuk belajo!.
But yeah yang peliknya kalo pekse besaw2 mesti I got math A.
for upsr,pmr and also spm,my math is A.EXcept for my first sem taking busines math,
I got B+ which I know kalo i usaha sikit
mmg dapat ah A.Tapi sbb ada sbb yang tak boleh blah itu jelah rezekinya.
But still I got dean list.Repeat,bukan nk berlagak.
kenapa I cakap cam ni?Sebab I nak amek Business in financial kalo boleh.wakakak.
tapi nak amek broadcasting gak.tapi nak amek journalist gak.mmuahaha.
Okay berbalik kepada few years back.Masa Aii upsr kalo
tak silap ke pmr ke apa ntah.I pegi tusen eh tusyen.As i said,I kan slow sikit.
So kalau orang tu ikhlas nak ajar,InsyaAllah I paham.Tapi...
nak buat cam mana.If Im not mistaken cikgu tu gi compare kan
I dgn my biggie sista yg mmg brain tahap Einkestain eh menda aku tulis ni?
I mean my bigger sister yg tak payah nak study banyak kali mcm i.
Sbb dia study sekali dua je dah tertanam dekat dlm otaknya.
But i,dua puloh juta kali baru maybe masuk.haahahha.
Ada ke cikgu tu cakap,in a polite version i ni
KURANG PANDAI..mmauahha.But still I work so hard so that
I could get an A for math.walopon add math aku tu cecukup makan.
Mmmuahahha.So right now Im taking Accounting .Jusst a newbie
account le.If i manage to score mmg rasanya cam nak sambung
in financial.Tk pun health management not bad,but sains tu satu lagi
hal.but I believe if you want something.You make an effort to strive for it.
so I am quite a dreamer gak,peh baik aku list kan stau2 benda yg aku nak.
people always said that my study style is unhealthy.
But i work so hard coz idk how to study like them.
Im no good in mind mapping things.
but i read and read and read.
there isnt't so much to expect from me.
To be honest Im just average and I dont even have things that Im good at.
being average isnt so bad kan?
I think malaysia is cool but i wanna be somewhere else.
hee.okey tata.

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