Sunday, September 29, 2013

Best Boyfriend.


It's been a while,and because Im freaking weirdly miss my awesome bestfriend which always think
that he is nothing but for me he is a very good person despite how annoying he could turns out.
But hey This is about you.Thanks dude,for coping with my random craziness,I love youh!
Im gonna try my best to describe your awesomeness!
Because indeed you are so freaking awesome.Im not kidding neither saying this sarcastically.
I just need to do this.
To be honest,I am a very complicated person.Im very moody,I have bad temper,and also Im grumpy.
I can laugh and cry within a second.I can be mad and happy within a second.
Maybe that is why Im afraid to be close to anybody.Because Im afraid Im gonna hurt them.
I don't like those feelings.The feelings of hurting people.
So it was a big miracle when the first time I know you.I don't really bother about you.
I mean of course at one point I was curious,but still I feel like whatever.
But then I still remember,it was near on  my birthday.That is when I started to really wanted to know
you a lot better.It was a super risky decisions.
It is not easy to be friend with you.It was freaking hard.Im the most sensitive girl in the world and
you are the most sarcastic guy I ever met.
But Alhamdullilah,through the storms and rains,we finally manage to cope with all that and
support one another now.#Tears.
I never thought or even imagine that one day,we gonna be really good with each other.
I always think that we are seriously really different individual.Therefore we can't connect.
Im dead wrong!Though maybe we are different,but that differences actually connect us together.
From a very fragile girl,you made me to a very strong girl.
From to a super tantrum moody girl,to a girl that can calm herself in a hard situation.
From a girl that cannot accept stupid jokes,to a girl that like to make jokes.
From a girl that hate her flaws,to a girl that cherish her flaws.
Even when you know my dark side,how ruin I can be,how destructive how
unpredictable I can turn out,you still stands there.Never really leave.
When Im down,you lend me your ears.You lend me your time.
When I talk about stupid things,and you still listen.When I wanna cry,but you tried
to make me laugh.
I sayang gila kot kat you.You are like baby brother,my partner in crime,my punching bag,ngahahha,
my guardian angel my bla bla bla.
So my dear honey,you should know that you are a very very dear person to me.
I know you gonna be a freaking good lawyer,because you are!
Please take care of yourself ,I don't want you to be attack by asthma which lead me to
be freaking sad and worried.
To be honest,you are the first guy bestfriend I feel like really close too.
Tenchuu.I can rely on you if people break my heart next time.Hahahah.
 Is it so weird when you adore your bestfriend so much?Ngahahha.
Thank you for crossing my path and please stay forever,because you one of the most
best thing ever encounter in my life.Cewah!

i tak kira,I know how much u benci I buat peace.Lalalalalal.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heal please.

Im not trying to do any stupid ritual or what,this is just me trying to be focus.

Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil
Ni'mal maula wani'mal nasir
Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil
Ni'mal maula wani'mal nasir

Ku coba renungi semua
Detik waktu yang telah berlalu
Mengisahkan pedih di hati
Menyinar keangkuhan diri

Ku coba sandarkan jiwa
Hanya pada Allah semata
Hingga rasa bebanpun sirna
Seluruh hati serahkan pada-Nya

Cukuplah Allah sebagai penolong
Dan sebaik-baik pelindung
Honestly it's like almost two.And I did a BIG mistake by drinking white coffee ,it makes
me feel really ill AND  dizzy.Not even that,I think my gastric is
trying to take over me.So yeah,I also forgot to bring my medicine,so yeah.It's hurt.
Hmmm.So I hope everything's gonna be just foine.

Sunday, September 1, 2013



I found this,and I really think that is triple million DEEPER than the deepest ocean on
Please understand mehh.

I fell hard for this the first time I read it again and again.Hamboi,kemain je kan.
Tacing weyh benda alah ni.Grrrr.Ntah mcm mana pulok boleh terdapat.Ngahahha.

Btw,Im going to further my study in a few days.Idk what will happen.And
Idk if the course gonna be much easier,eh mestilah susah.And I dont have the
clue of anything.What I know is,,within these 2 years,I gotta work hard.
Im gonna slap myself if I ever slept in the class.Well ya know,I used to come for the class
only because for the attendance.I can't help but feel freaking sleepy all the time.
No more being stupid like study last minutes.It will be hell if i ever did that again.
Idk if I have to learn mandarin again,well I prefer Thai.Lol.
Im so envy with my cousin because she got the opportunity to learn Thai in UKM.Huwaa!
Tacing forever.Dah ah,takde geng Thailand sangat.Gua cakap khob khun na ka,pon
bukan orang paham.Stress.Ceh.Lol.
and the there is a lot of things I wanna SHARE,but well Im too lazy to even write actually.
Okeng until the next entry,bt Im so sorry.There's a few entries I could not

Settle For Less.


Im waking up to this.

Everybody deserves somebody,
But girl nobody can love like I do.

You could be a super model,
President or write a novel.
But he’s holding your back
And you’re better than that.
He won’t even buy you flowers,
Stay up late and talk for hours.
I think I can do that
I can be better than that.
You should know…

Everybody deserves somebody,
But girl nobody can love you like I do.
And I’m not perfect but you’re so worth it.
I wanna change the world for you,
So baby don’t settle for less.
You deserve the best,
You’re better than the rest
And I can be the best,
So baby don´t settle for less.

I’ve been watching in front the sidelines
His mistakes become my guidelines.
Cause he’s holding your back
And you’re better than that.
I will love to buy you flowers,
Take the time to talk for hours.
Yeah I can do that.
I can be better than that.
You should know…

 He takes you for granted,
Girl I can’t stand it.
Watching you panic over him.
See he’s just a nobody
I can be somebody,
Someone to love til’ the end.

The question now is who,when how?Lol.
Luckily I have develop this attitude called whatever happen happen.
Is not like I can do much about it.
Kamon,finish your degree in two years with flying colours baby!
You have to drag yourself like hell now.

K merapu.But,I need this spirit.I know I can do this!High fives sikit!

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