Saturday, September 29, 2012

Its Funny kan? :D




It`s funny how hello always ends with a goodbye,
it`s funny how good memories can start to make you cry.
It`s funny how forever never really seems to last,
it`s funny how much you`d lose if you forgot about your past.
It`s funny how friends can just leave you when you`re down,
it`s funny how when you need someone they`re never around.
It`s funny how people change and think they`re so much better,
it`s funny how many lies can be packed in one "love letter".
It`s funny how people forgive even though they can't forget,
it`s funny how one night can contain so much regret.
It`s funny how ironic life turns out to be
but the funniest part of all, none of that`s funny to me. 


Friday, September 28, 2012

Everything I need :)


"Everytime I mishu,I'll look at the sky,sebab jauh mana pon kita,kita berada di 
bawah langit yang sama"
"Don't cry,if you are not crying I will come to you again"

"Bermimpi biar sampai ke bintang.Dan bintang aku
adalah engkau :)"

"He is the best gift that I ever could ever ask in this world and the entire galaxy..
My soulmate,my punching bag,my oppa,my teddy bear,my shoulder to cry,my life,my heartbeat,
my baby(walopon dah meningkat usia ye awok:))
my Edward Cullen! bestfriend till jannah.Amin.Amin.Amin.I love him!!!
The only one that  could make my eyes sparkle terlebih2,
dan heartbeat mmg skip a bit or two since ever bila thinking of him,or bila dia lalu.
mcm taking my breath away.Walopon dah lama kenal.Mmg mcm tu.Its like,
mcm tak percaya what is happening! >.< Much love :) "

and everybody goes like 
"eh ni kawan ke ___? "and the story begins...

Sometimes when people asked me about those who I am attach with,Idk how to answer.
Should I whisper your name?Or should I shows mcm mana Aii kalut when Im with
him?Or should I say that still feels nerves gilo!!
So this is the story of one of my bestfriend.I mean of course I have a lot of bestfriends.
But but,this is special one!the one that know me a lot.The one that
I could against the whole world and stand by myself without hesitating.
Kawan baik.Seharusnya tahu kita mcm mana,tapi ttp sayang kita
with whole of his/.her heart kan? :)
To  be honest though Aii nampak mcm alive,I mean mcm budak2.But its like
cummon no one noticing anything? :')
Sbb malas nak share sangat.sbb tak tahu nak trust sape.sbb insecure.Yes besides,
Allah,of course Dia teman yg paling baik.But if we talk about human.
There is this guy,the guy that I put as number three?After abah,and and Along.
Ke nak dush Along keluar?Bertuah punya adik!T_____T 
He is the one I will search for when I feel happy,sad,annoyed,sick or upset.
Throw my tantrums at,cry with,mad with,gossipping with?eh~discussion.
So when I got heartbreak.You know meeting all the wrong other half.He taught me
to accepting rejection with joy.Its a part of life.Makes me wanna laugh when 
I don't even wanna smile.Listen to me when he is having a rough day,or maybe when 
he is so tired that he could sleep with his work attire.Yet he listen.Listen.and Listen.
Console me when I feel bad,or when I cry and throwing super tantrums.
The one that have different interest with me,its like If I like A he will chose Z,but 
end up  to make it work.
The one that loves spaghettie Carbonara eh?when Im craving for spaghettie Bolognese!
The one that know that I cannot eat lambat sebab I could get worst gastric just because
he have one too.Cari Char kuew Tiaw memalam buta,just because there are no food
that I like to eat near the town( ke pd hal nak spend time lama dgn awok?).
Would tease me a bit,and know to back-off a bit
when Im about to burst or dah pon.Will apologize before,even though he know
I will starting to say things.and that.and this.tapi listen.listen and continue listening.
And how could I not love this friend of mine? :')
the one that have been inspire me for a long time.The one that makes me
want to do a big twist in my life,the one that taught me to loves English and Maths.
The one that show me Account is awesome?HEE~The one that fix my English,but know that I don't really like English.The one that says I am beautiful without make-up.The one, that like or notice me when I was nothing.The one that BELIEVE me, when I was
totally lost.The one that believe and still believing in me,when Im having a rough life.The REASON, I wanna have a healthy life.So that I could save others,and you.The one that makes me thinking of saving,so that I could prepare for the future.The reason, I wanna travel around the world just to see and be at the places that you have been.The reason for me will take a picture alone,at Eifell Tower but feels happy for a reason.A reason for me to look up at the sky.The reason for me to learn cooking,to somehow want to learn
play guitar just to sing you a lullaby.The reason for me to stay calm,
when I fail at things.And encourage me to be better everytime I fall.
The reason I started to fall with colour BLUE.Eh?
The one that, kesayangan semua.Aii jeles!
The one that Im most comfortable with.The one that I can be me.Nothing but me.
The one that have a whole day fully reserve yet trying his best to
make his time for me.The one that I knw the best,and knw me the best.
The one that when time makan,kalau nak kena pakai garpu bagai,
mmg if he there,kalau boleh I would always ask him to make it easier for me.
Potong2 all the ayam or the daging.
The one that knw I don't like coffee and ask me to share/take his drink.
The one that when I dah salah order food,its like bila food sampai.
Dia punya pulak nampak sodap,kan?And change it with me.:)
The one that know,how Aii likego  crazy for soldierrr,and would tangkap gambar
infront of the soldier truck.Or would wear the pendekar thingy and
said "Im your soldier!" The one that know how I love "Love Story" by Taylor
Swift and play the guitar for me.The one that his football team is
Manchester while I am Liverpool.Beza kan kan kan?
The one I like to membebel..Laugh with.And silent is the best moment,as  
long as Im with him.And how times fly so fast when we are together.
and now what I need is time.To figure out things out? :)
And as Im much much InsyaAllah matured now.I guess,
this next time will be better.And you my dear, have a blast and bless
"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere."



Lelaki Idaman? :D


Hee~disebabkan exam lama lagi.cewah malas kau ye nak baca buku!
So nak merapu sikit boleh kan kan kan?
Okey,pengakuan yg kalau korang nak muntah hijau pon tak apa.
I am Single.Tapi nak kata available tu mcm 60% ke gitu boleh kan?
And Im not seeking in a relationship know,no future?
Mmg tak mcm tu.Tak suka.Nak skandal bagai ni just NOT my taste.
Dan mmg tak suka kekawan yg konon banyak skandal.
Tak kira apa,mmg tak suka.Sebab kalau kita mainkan perasaan orang nanti kalau kena
kita yang sakit.So don't play2 and don't event try tahu?
Okey,today nak cakap ttg Ouh lelaki Idaman,ada kamu tak ada yg lain.hikhikhik.
Why I sounds very gediks?Anyonyonyo.

hahahha.nak letak specifically  bukan tak boleh.
Tapi jodoh kalau Tuhan dah tulis,mcm mana pon terima.
It could be anyone.Orang yang kita kenal lama.
Atau pon orang yang kitabaru kenal.
Well,I guess when we talk about loves.For me honestly
age does not matter.Cinta monyet?haishh.Mcm mana ye.
Just because you are not in that people shoes,layak ke ckp mcm tu?
Coz you know,dah tua2 skrg pon ada je cinta monyet kot.I mean
kalau kahwin skjp lepas  tu cerai,could we label it as cinta monyet too?
Okey Am I sounds very sarcastic?hee~so I guess,loves is magical.
Something that is indescribable.Huhuhuhu.
Apalah kita merepek ni,dari ouh my types of man ke loveydovey kejadah ni semua.
 thank you for readings.
sorrylah nak merapu je ni.wuuu~

p/s:agak2 awak tengok langit tak?

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Assalammualaikum SEMUA :D
It is not wanting to win that makes you a winner, it is refusing to fail!
So what I will write is something that maybe happen to some of you.
So kamu semua mesti orang yang tabah2 belaka kan?hee~
In life kalau kita nak percaya kat siapa pon mcm tak boleh kan? kan? kan?
Tapi nak taknak percaya pon tak boleh.You know one thing I hate in life is
betrayal.Its like,come on.Not again.again and again?
Tapi as I grew up,I learnt.I learn that in life of course you have to deal with all
these colourful things.I mean maybe maybe in past I was not that great.
I was the one who hurting other people.And I maybe I did broke someones heart.
Maybe intentionlly or not intentionlly.Either way,I am so sorry.
Kadang2 apa yang berlaku ni ada jugak rasa mcm tak real.Its like apa yg terjadi dlm drama
tahu?like mcm seriously?I tot it will only happen in the movie.
Haish.Manusia manusia manusia.
Kalau tak ku pikirkan kekhilafan diri mungkin kau tahu apa yg aku
rasa.Hidup pernuh jalan berliku.Sikap kalau tak mahu diubah,maka kau akan
maintain mcm tu seumur hidup kau.Ada pendirian yg kau boleh pakai,tapi
ada juga yg seharusnya diubah dibentuk menjadi lebih baik.
Aku,mungkin kau nampak begini.Tapi siapa kau nak menilai?
Kenal ke sangat?Kau bercakap seolah kau adalah aku.
dunia berputar,bukan hukum karma yg aku ingin nyatakan.
Tapi kau tak fikir apa yg kau buat ada balasannya?
sayangnya kau buta dalam menilai keikhlasan manusia.
Apa yang kau benci,suarakan?Usah kau sibuk membawa cerita.
Kau aku tolong seikhlas hati.Tapi balasan yang aku dapat mmg terbaik.
Kau bukalah mata kau.
bukan aku nak sangat kau berterima kasih,tapi seharusnya rasa
beruntung.Kau mencanang cerita dusta ikut logik akal sendiri.
Sampai masa kelak apa yg kau rasa kononnya dh terjadik,
akan terjadik berganda,waktu itu kau rasa boleh bertahan ke wahai manusia?
Aku usah kau risaukan.Hati dah sekebal batu.Walau kadang,
terguris berdarah.Aku masih mampu hidup begini.
Kau bukan major masalah aku,tapi kau sampingan yang menyakitkan.
Lumrah hidup,aku mampu.Sebab setakat betrayal yg begini.
Bukan sekali dua aku pernah lalui.
Jangan bercakap seolah kau hebat,jangan kau fikir
sepandai2 tupai melompat akhirnya tak jatuh ke tanah,sebab tenyata
akan tergolek gedebuk jatuh jua.
terima kasih,apa yang kau bagi.
Aku jadikan kekuatan.
Kekuatan utk jadi lebih kuat dariapada semalam.
ada banyak lagi coretan yg ingin aku tulis.
sehingga itu.
aku ingin nyatakan BIG SMILE!
#Apa aku melalut ni?faham ke?hee~
oh gambo tu bkn syok sendiri.
tapi nk nyatakan.jom lh senyum di awan mendung.
mana tahu esok lusa,encik pelangi datang:)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Taman Neraka !


biasanya yang haku pernah dan biasa dengar adlh taman boye( buaya), taman
rama-rama,taman bunga dan bla bla bla.
Peh thrill gilo ada pulok taman neraka eh?
SO maksudnya baiklah menginsafkan diri bersama.
Ni baru tengok dah ngeri semacam,yang real punya lagi kaw punya!
 Untuk pengetahuan korang, ini adalah taman yang paling menakutkan yang pernah dilihat. Taman ini terletak di Bangsaen Beach di Chonburi, dimana terdapat sebuah kuil yang dikenali sebagai Wang Saen Suk. Ini bertujuan untuk menunjukkan pengunjung tentang hukuman jika buat dosa. Bayaran masuk ke taman neraka Wang Saen Suk ialah 20 Baht. 

jom check it out the pitcha:

 Ini yang korang tengok baru kat dunia tahu.
haku ulang semula ye.yang kat akhirat kelak.
tak tahulah mcm mana.yg penting lagi azab.
credit to jenny ezra for the pitcha:)
and facebook.
and and MELAYU KINI !


Monday, September 24, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo Aii bangga Sama Lu!


Sebenarnya dah lama jugak dah dapat info pasal Cristiano Ronaldo
yg SANGAT prihatin dgn  isu PALESTIN.Dan dia juga sangat mahu
membantu palestin.Dulu orang duk kata dia ni playboy,
eh aku pon sama!minta maaf awak.Sob sob.Im so sorry!
Betul lah orang kata.Kita takkan tahu pengakhiran seseorang tu.
mungkin skrg dia jahak,tapi esok lusa kita tak tahu lagi.
Yang baik ni InsyaAllah semakin baik,but we never know kan?kan?
So Allhamdullilah dia sangat mengambil berat tentang isu semasa ini.
Yang sudah berlarutan dan berlanjutan berabad lamanya.Cewah dramatik ayat nya?
Yang paling aii terharu kan kan.. dia baru2 ini yang sangat mengambil berat ttg saudara Islam ku
di Palestin smenyatakan hasratnya utk menjual kasut
bola emas dia tuh.You know!Im not joking!~.Oh PALESTIN kau akan bebas!Amin Amin Amin.
Jom kita baca berita yang aku mencopy and paste ni.

Pemain bola sepak termahal di dunia Cristiano Ronaldo yang sering dilabel dengan gelaran kaki perempuan serta sombong mengubah pandangan dunia apabila dia sanggup memberikan kasut emas yang dimenanginya kepada lembaga amal untuk membantu anak anak Palestin.
Bekas pemain Manchester United yang kini bermain untuk kelab Real Madrid itu dilaporkan telah melelong kasut emas yang dimenanginya pada 2011 pada harga 1.4 juta euro. Wang hasil lelongan itu akan disumbangkan untuk membina beberapa buah sekolah yang hancur di sepanjang Tebing Gaza.
Sokongan Ronaldo terhadap rakyat Palestin bukan setakat itu sahaja. Beliau pernah mengenakan skaf Palestin dan dikhabarkan juga pernah berkunjung ke tanah pendudukan Palestin sekitar tahun 2005-2007.
 Credit to:
May ALLAH bless you.
Ayuh guys let do not forget about PALESTIN.
Its about humanity.
Are we losing our humanity?

I will TRY :)


So because Im very the coward which usually I am NOT.
But I guess the feelings of expectation of what would you say might hurt me
so yeahh.Im being a coward.Super duper coward.Dan tak malunya aii. hish.
I mean,for being awake.and wondering.Emm,eh he might got someone already.
 so just ignore je.ignore je.ur not so important feeling tuh.
Oh macam, you are nothing comparing to "she is the one".
haha,LOSERnya tahu rasa.
sometimes.I wonder.I wonder.I wonder.
Macam mana eh,nak capture someone heart?
ahah,aii so am Ordinary.Tak pandai nak ambil hati orang.
trying your best but its just not good enuff kinda of feeling.
kadang2 nak tanya macam2 tapi have u ever feel mcm 
something tersekat kat throat.
its like,tak payah tanyalah.You are being annoyin lah lit missy.
its like,i don't wanna be me.But someone u will notice.
so aii mmgg jarang-jarang coward.
tapi bilah dah jadik PENTAKUT beginilah jadinya.

If I walk would you run
If I stop would you come
If I say you’re the one would you believe me
If I ask you to stay would you show me the way
Tell me what to say so you don’t leave me
The world is catching up to you
while you're running away to chase your dream
Its time for us to make a move cause we are asking one another to change
and maybe im not ready

but I'll try for your love
I can hide up above
I will try for your love
we’ve been hiding enough

if I sing you a song would you sing along
or wait till im gone , oh how we push and pull
if I give you my heart would you just play the part
or tell me it’s the start of something beautiful
am I catching up to you
while you're running away , to chase your dreams
its time for us to face the truth cause we are coming to each other to change
and maybe im not ready 

but too bad.
im not good on expressing my feeling.
so thank you belog,for understand me.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"GiveAway Blogger Bertuah by JiwarOsak Dot Com"


minta2lah menang Ya Allah.Amin amin amin :)

Saya nak domain .com percuma kerana _______ kerana apa?wei shenme? (kenapa dalam mandarin,eheh~)
Yinwei (kerana) kerana i want to be able to have my own identity sebab tak pernah nak ada domain sendiri.tsk tsk.loser betul walaupun dh lama blogging.So akan rasa sangat happy dan amat appreciate if berpeluang menang (cewah,ayat!) sekali gus dapat
domain percuma.will be super duper happy!hee~
dan sebab setelah lama nak join2 contest,ni mula rajin balik nak join.
so excitednya nak tunggu the result and hopefully ada rezeki:)

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Last Raya :')

For me semakin besar gedabak umur ni,semakin kurang rasa kemanisan beraya tu.
Entahlah,dulu masa budak tecit,mmg SUKA sangat tunggu hari raya.
But somehow,raya is raya.
Tak tahu kenapa?
Tak tahu kenapa mkn rasa kosong.
atau dh tahu kenapa tapi saja je nak buat orang suspen.hikhik.
Mungkin sebab dah tak blh nak jadik tak tahu malu kan?
Meaning, beratur rebut duit raya.Tolak orang sana sini.Hahaha.
 Duit raya nanti dah tak boleh dpt lg.cewah kau fikir duit raya je kejenya!T_T
tapi masa orang duk tanya sape yg belum dapat duit raya,kenalah buat2 taknak.Malulah Aii
nak pergi berebut hamek.Cewah tahu pulak malunya!
For now,diz is the last raya.
Until Raaya feels like Raaya :')
Until,that...Im jeles of the people that could celebrates Raya
with loads of happiness!Ouh,how I missed the moment when raya feels loike raya.

this is how we roll!


Siblings,dush dush T____T
PERAK pula!

kawan baik,rumah diana.jumpa sblm didi fly ke India.tskk tskk.

Bawak kawan baik ke lendulondon,dan suka ria di melaka my TOWN!

KAWAN dtg beraya!kekeke
raya umah rehan!heheehhe.
okeng kita malas nak type panjang2.
Gambo pon banyak tak masokkan.
Slemat hari raya,maaf zahir batin semua!
Walopon raya dah habes!
Sebab saya mmg suka tak ikut trend. ke?
Dah lambat tu taknok ngaku.hee:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

promise :)


So so actually Im not in the mood to go back to my study place.But what to do.
Got commitment you know?
So you know or maybe you should know that Im hopelessly romantic.
(ni kes parah,angkat bakul masuk sendiri,oucch)
hopelessly romantic di sini bukan maksudnya tak romantik,
but sangat2lah romantika de amor.cewahh!
tapi tapi kalau mcm singa tu sometimes,
does not mean I hate you,for the fact maybe I cant
express my feelings very well.Sadiskan?
 and Im the very kepala batu one okey.
Tapi msh boleh tolerate,dun worry :D

So I found this lyrics really close to me.So nak share!
Eh tapi jangan too in kat the lagu,
coz nanti terover pulak kan?
keep on smiling :)

Mata yang memandang
Tak merasa keluh resah
Senang berbicara

Namun mungkin
Takkan memahami
Yang tersimpan … di sanubari
Yang ku yakin
Apa yang terjadi
Menguji kesungguhan di hati

Berjanji takkan berlalu pergi
Kasih pastikan bersemi nanti
Mencipta sinar bahagia bersama
Akan ku buktikannya
Ke akhir nafasku ini

Masa telah memaksa
Ku lontarkan kata-kata
Agar kau mengerti

Tak akan berterusan lagi
Kesedihan yang ada di hati

Kerna aku tak mampu menipu
Menyata keinginan…di kalbu

Suatu hari kan menjelang jua
Saat bersatu kita berdua..
Suatu masa kan terbukti nyata
Duniakan menjadi saksinya

Berjanji takkan berlalu pergi
Kasih pastikan bersemi nanti
Mencipta sinar bahagia bersama
Akan ku buktikannya
Ke akhir nafasku ini

Merantai jiwa takkan terpisah
Merungkai gundah menguntum indah
Terbuka hati yang lama melara
Akan ku buktikannya
Ke akhir nafasku ini

Sunday, September 16, 2012


How was your day peeps?
Hee,so Im quite busy,exam is just around the corner.So I want to share with you something.
It shows that actually,eventhough they are not ISLAM,or they are ISLAM,
they support us.They are not against us who is MUSLIM.
We have the support around the world.And do not let the bad people
make us fight against each other.
Like the Malay proverb said "jangan kerana nila setitik,rosak susu

So here the pictures of Muslims and non muslims and even a converter around
the world:)




Mokhzani Mohamed Ariff

Millionaaire Inih

Semir Džeko



Assalammualaikum :')

So,this is a true story and this baby boy really need our help.
I was shocked when I got to know that he was born the same as mine birth date,
which is 4 March,tapi dia dilahirkan on 4 March 2012.
So he is about 20 years younger than me.
yet he is so strong!

 click link di bawah :') 


Saturday, September 15, 2012



ISLAM is my religion,
I would die as ISLAM.
I would defend it,and if if you are wondering or maybe
have questions or any confusion,you may ask.
As there is only one religion that is truth,which is ISLAM.
and there is only one God to be worship.And He is the Almighty Allah S.W.T.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Anywhere but here :')


Hey baby I mishu!sob sob.

May Allah bless you,other half.

AND these words are meant for you.
Is this the end of the moment or just a beautiful unfolding..
Of a love that will never be or maybe be..
Everything that I never thought could happen or ever come to pass and I wonder..
If maybe, maybe I could be all you ever dreamed, cause you are,,
Beautiful inside, so lovely and I can't see why I'd do anything without you, you are..

And when I'm not with you, I know that it's true
That I'd rather be anywhere but here with you
Is this a natural feeling or is it just me bleeding

 All my thoughts and dreams in hope that you will be with me or
Is this a moment to remember or just a cold day in September, I wonder...
and I wonder if at the other side,Im wondering if u ever miss me?

 do  not be hurt,coz i'll be hurt more than you ever know.
do not be sick,coz it makes me worry.
do not cry,coz I do anything to make you smile.
do not feel burden,coz Im always here for you.
do not give up,coz I'll do anything to safe you.
Spiritually Im with you.
Im there,close.Everyday.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life is a book :)



I learn that life is a book.
every day is a new page.
every month is a new chapter.
and every year is a new series.




 Just Because – I’m quiet – it doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to say
Just Because – I appear happy – doesn’t mean everything’s ok
Just Because – I’m sarcastic – doesn’t mean I don’t take things seriously
Just Because – I forgive – doesn’t mean I forget
Just Because – I don’t listen to you – doesn’t mean I don’t care
Just Because – I’m gullible – doesn’t mean you can lie to me
Just Because – I’m stubborn – doesn’t mean I’m not easy going
Just Because – I don’t show my feelings – doesn’t mean I don’t have any
Just Because – I don’t say I love you – doesn’t mean I don’t
Just Because – I’m honest – doesn’t mean I’m outspoken
Just Because – I’m not like you – doesn’t mean I’m weird
Just Because – I’m unsure – doesn’t mean I’m afraid 


Appreciate those who have hurt you, because they strengthen your heart
Appreciate those who deceive you, because they improve your wisdom
Appreciate those who slander against you, because they improve your personality
Appreciate those who whip you because they arouse your will to fight
Appreciate those who abandon you, because they teach you independence
Appreciate those who make you stumble, because they strengthen your legs
Appreciate those who denounce you, because they remind you of your shortcomings
Appreciate those who give you strength


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