Saturday, July 26, 2014



Hi.It's been a long time.No updates.
How is my life?
Rollercoaster wei.Penat.Hectic.Banyak kali juga rasa putus harapan.Rasa macam lantaklah kau.
Rasa macam iolss nak hamek je passport beli one ticket to anywhere and never coming back.
kau hado?hamboii.Tapi malaih lah.
Because what I like about this life is.Korang tak boleh give up.Iolls ni dh banyak kali.Juta-juta
nak give up.Sometimes is just tiring.But Allah is being really kind to a girl that always and
always make mistake.
But Alhamdullilah.I am getting more in love with my life.But what I would like to say is life is really
unpredictable.Korang rancang lah mcm mana pun kalau korang tak reti nak minta restu Ilahi.
It wont work well.And in my life I learned a lot about PEOPLE.
Is not Im saying Im good or what.But I do feel tired of some people of actually trying to get
advantages of me.Using me for their own good.Rasa macam blerghh.
Kadang-kadang nak husnuzon but some people getting on their selfish way that makes me like.
People always thought that well Ioss anak orang senang bagai.The truth is when actually I dont have
money I dont really like to ask my friends.And I will try my best not to even pinjam.
Even if I borrow I will always make sure that I pay back to each one of them.
And let say if I dont have money to buy it,I dont really ask people to buy it from me.
Not even my boyfriend, well if I were in a relationship.I will just kiddingly ask.Jokingly.
Because I feel like,Im not that kinda person that will like makes people buy me stuff.
Unless if you are my family.Ha ha ha.But well, my point is.
Yess I have this bad experiences with some people that actually just used me for money.
Looking back,I feel like stewpid wasting my money for those people.Like why the
heck.I could just save my money and travel rather than you know spill the money to ungrateful people.
And the funniest thing about these kind of people,is they keep using the reason
that they are from not so rich family.
Like what the heck?Come on.Even so,you should not act like that kot.
These kind of people really makes me feel disgust.Because actually money is never enough for them.
Once they get it,They want it more and more.They tend to say,they dont want to
burden their family,but have you ever though that YOU burdening me?How would you feel if you already give the money and suddenly they said they dont have enuff money and yet buying all the expensive stuff.
Like get a life?If you dont have enuff money why would you just spend the money to all those branded stuff trying to make you look good but actually pathetic.Eh tolonglah.
I just cant brain myself.
Okay enuff said.And some more about hot tempered guy.Like I really hate these kinda of guys.
Its like you are just a coward who bully women because they are not as strong as you.
get a life.and even the funniest thing is when some people told me that I dont understand them.
Because I dont really give a damn anymore about how they feel.
Its like,come on.You tore me apart.Were you even there when I need you?
I was there when you were crying?but remember you push me away when I breakdown.
Oh pleaseee.And you want my sympathy?The heck.Some people.
makes me speachless.I cannot brain myself having these kind of people approaching in mylife.
they are just selfish and I know they are not even sincere with me.And there are a lot of people actually does really nice things for me.And I should treasure that people more than some fake people.
I finally open up my eyes. and treasuring my life.
I feel much better cutting these kind of people out of my life.
Blesss.You cant mingle with people that toxicly ruinning your life.
People can make  you feel like crap but trust me walk away.Your life is fabulous.
You dont need toxic people.
wehoo Alhamdullilah.

Friday, July 4, 2014


okay macam tak memasal letak.
gambar my love from the sky.

but hey hey.
there this person.
in case.
if he still doubting.
just wanna say.
i miss you baby.
thanks for coming back.
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