Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ther moitié

So well.I've been spending times.
A lot to figure out how.and bla bla.
I know it's not today.
But this is just in case.
Just in case I can't go and celebrate with you.
You have to know.
That I remember!
22 years ago
on third January 1992.
You were born.

Im not a good writer.Neither am a good talker.
We've been through thick and thin.
We've been through storms and tsunami.
Doesn't mean we don't have those.
Cute and maybe annoying moments.
Maybe I don't usually talk about this.
Because we are more to tumbuk and lempang.
I am never that kind of girly.
Yes maybe I wear skirts.
But to be gedik.Urgh.
Geli.Sometimes I feel like Im more to boyish than a girl.
Well I wanna be manja but I feel like.
We are more to sepak dan terajang.
Though I am quite jahat.
To lempang or sepak you often.
Doesn't mean I love you any less.
Well maybe we are different.
But well.
Who cares kan,gemok?
You have been a good brother and a friend to me.
Well I often write about my goood goood people here.
Now Im sharing our craziness here.Wakakak.
I guess,we are much better than the poyoness.
I guess it's much better to arguing with you.
And I really appreciate that God let me meet you.
Rather than that person you know who.
At least I feel much secure and can scream my lungs out.
Thanks for being there for me.
Through thick and thin.
Through sad and happy times.
Through tears and happiness.
Thank you for coping with my tantrums.
I was just kidding when I said you can't cope.
Because I know you are doing well.
Much better than other people.
And not quitting on me.
When I throw my tantrums.
Lending me your ears through phone.
Ha Ha Ha.
Even when you hate so much talking trough the phone.
Accompany me eating whenever, wherever I want to go.
 Forgive me when I did wrong.
Ha ha ha.
So stay with me forever,okay?

Just in case.
Im not there.
Just remember.
I remember.
Ha ha Ha.
Happy 22 Babe.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Bring Me The Night



Measuring days in the spaces between our goodbyes
Learning to wait through the endless parade
Of our same old see-you-next-time's
But when I close my eyes the miles melt away
Like you're here in my arms at the end of the day

So bring me the night, send out the stars
'Cause when I'm dreaming we don't seem so far
Darken the sky and light up the moon
So that somehow you'll be here with me soon
Bring me the night
That brings me to you

Swear I don't know if the days are as slow as they seem
Wondering when you'll be with me again and this
Finally can be more than just a dream
But when I close my eyes I want only to stay
Where the farthest you are is a heartbeat away

So bring me the night, send out the stars
'Cause when I'm dreaming we don't seem so far
Darken the sky and light up the moon
So that somehow you'll be here with me soon
Bring me the night
That brings me to you

And it's enough knowing you...
(I know that you're) are calling to me
While you're dreaming beneath the same moon
All it takes is imagining you
So that I can get through
One more long and lonely day

So bring me the night, tell me it's near
Give me the chance to pretend that you're here
Darken the sky and light up the moon
Please bring it soon, bring it soon

Bring me the night,
That brings me to you 

Pillow Talk.

You feel lost.
You have the answer.
But you can't say it out loud.
When you feel like things are finally okay.
Things happen.
And you wonder.
How many times.
You have to fake.
That you are okay.
When all you feel.
Is damage.
Literally all the insane things that lead you to the path
of destructive.
And they said.
Be strong.
Im just TIRED.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Trials take us deeper with Allah.

Jadilah manusia yang tahu bersyukur.
walau rasa tertikam-tikam.
Mungkin aku tak sempurna.
Memang tidak.
Mungkin kurang aku banyak.
Mungkin cela aku tak terbendung lagi.
Mungkin hitam hatiku pekat.
Mungkin aku ini hina.
Mungkin sekali terlalu jahil.
Aku cuma mahu bermula semula.
Aku pendosa.
Itu aku tahu.
Aku mungkin nampak okay.
Tapi Tuhan tahu.
Aku bagaimana.
Mungkin zahir nampak kuat.
Tapi siapa tahu,kalau aku retak bak kaca berderai.
Aku mungkin senyum.
Aku mungkin marah.
Aku mungkin menyusahkan.
Bagilah aku masa.
Aku masih banyak perlu berlajar.
Aku ini ingin bangkit.
Aku sudah jatuh.
Kalau perlu.
Aku mungkin akan mengesot.
Aku hanya ingin kuat.
Cari semula.
Kekuatan yg sudah hilang.
Aku mungkin dah terlalu penat.
Tapi aku Islam.
Mana mungkin boleh bicara begitu.
Baru diterjah musuh.
Mahu mengalah?
Aku Islam.
Agama memerlukan aku.
Aku ini mungkin lompang.
Mungkin juga manis berbicara.
Mungkin aku dibilang angan-angan tin kosong.
Aku sedang berusaha.
Aku akan silap.
Kadang terselingkuh.
Bantu aku.
Bantu aku tegak kembali.
Aku ini rapuh.
Kadang terasa sudah ranap.
Kadang rasa kosong.
Kadang rasa serabut.
Tapi Tuhan.
Kau ada.
Mungkin aku terleka.
Tapi aku tahu.
Kau seru.
Aku kembali.
Mungkin kadang aku ini bingung.
Mungkin juga.
Kadang aku ini dungu.
Kau tak pernah putus asa.
Cinta ini untuk kau Tuhan.
Matikan aku.
Dalam Islam.
Dengan lafaz 
"Aku bersaksi tiada Tuhan selain Allah,
dan Nabi Muhammad itu pensuruh Allah."

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