Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why I love Kang Gary? :)

I think most of you know Gelly Gelly like!You know what,
he is seriously close to my ideal type!
You know what?A pretty face only capture a heart for a moment but
a beautiful personality will definitely capture a heart forever!!!
 I meant you might say like I even know him.And I yup maybe.
But it is not like everything happen in running man or the words he said in any
media social is false right?
I actually really like rapper.I am amazed with people that can rap well!
And I love a person that can play skateboard too!Macam cool je tahu!
Idk if he can really play it,but maybe right?HAHAHHA.
He is a calm person that for me will not just erupt his anger easily.
I love a calm person!He sorta protective over girl.I mean all men should do it!
How can you be rough to a girl right?
I like it when he tends to always let Mong Ji wins!Like shooo cute!Mmmuahahaha.
And he is happy over a little thing.Ohsem rite?
It does not take much for him to be happy.It is like he treasure every little things!

should I bought this for my dad?Ngahahhaha

Maybe you would fall for this person too ,now?
For me what is "HANDSOME" about Kang Gary,is his personality.
And his small eyes!I love people with small eyes.
And most of all his manner and coolness!
His simpleness too!

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