Sunday, February 15, 2015


it's been a while.
oh well i miss my smile.

Look.You probably will read this right?
or not? well whatever Im still going to write it.
Im not that plain stupid.

Im not blind either, just in case if you thought I am.
I am 23.
And I dont have the time to play games.
And well.
You just dont get over her yet kan?

I know.
No matter what.
You going to say.
I know.

It's just.

For trying too much for someone's who doesn't bother at all.
because I thought.
you care.

well sorry.
I hope so much for someone.
who still stuck at his past.


is it even hurt when you said.
you feel like dying.
when i talk about him?

or it was just another lie.
you know better.

and well.
if what i wrote.
is bullshit.
then maybe.
im just pretty lame blind.

the funniest thing.
is you made me feel like im completely nothing.
real talk.

i ain't nothing pon.
and i always know.
not pretty shit.
sucks relationshit with most of people.
blacksheep of the troops most of the time.
but well.

are you still trying to make me feel unwanted though?
i already know.
that i can't compare to anyone.
oh she?
truth is.
i look at her frequently.
damn shit.
she is perfect kan?
even with all the shits.
and me?

i never like myself pon.
im lacking in anything and any way.
but maybe.
maybe i just wanna trust.
that even with my lacking.
you wont.
push it too much.
to the point when i feel like.
i wish i can be.
you gonna miss.

it's just.
if im your girl.
they why makes other people.
taking care more than you?
i miss u.

and well.
to you that read this.
that probably know nothing at all.
oh please, dont assume things honey.

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