Sunday, March 3, 2013

LDR is Extraordinary :)

Assalammualaikum sweetheart!

Wuhoo,been a while not updating.sebab tak tahu nk update apa sangat.
lol,sbb kena berhati-hati bila update.
Almaklum ada banyak stalker.mmiahahha.
Ada yang baik,ada know?
So as you know,everything in the world have this pros and cons rite?
So when I mention about LDR.There will be indeed a lot of feedback.
Some said its beautiful,some just bashing saying it wont work.Like T_T.
As for me,Im not gonna lie saying its okay.I mean I have to
force myself think it in a positive way.
Real positive way.
Though its hard.Because,will not celebrating any big event or meaningful event
near each other .But seriously it increase the faith.
For me if its meant to be it will.
So despite being super negative,I really need to being positive.
Semua benda pon susah,nak tido pon susah.
Makan pon nak kena paksa kan.
So I dare myself.Memula mcm nak aim for 1 year,
but I extend to one and half year.Wuhoo.Hope Im gonna make it.
Though bila korang baca ni korang tak paham,but I hope korang
buat2 jelah faham ye.I love to write rather than talk.Because
when you talk at the moment of time,its gonna be hard to really think about
it thoroughly,so you tend to disappoint that person.well yeah.

LDR is cool for me,and Im cool with it:)
Reasons that I amek je kat twitter.maklumlah.
skrg I queen of twitter kan:)
  •  I've learned a lot and still learning a lot out of this type of set-up. Number one, patience.
  • "Life is not about rushing things. All good things come to those who wait."
  • It may be hard, but it is not impossible.
  • Me + You + Distance + Patience + ALLAH + Faith = Extraordinary Love
  • They call it stupidity, I call it faith.
  • The reason why mostly long distance relationships last even longer - it is more of the emotional attachment and not of the physical desires.
  • If you think waiting is the hardest, well, it's actually having regrets in the end for not giving any try.
  • Nobody ever wanted to be in a long distance relationship because honestly, it is literally hard but some are brave enough to risk for love.
  • LDR couples are like smile and tears, rarely seen together. But when seen together, it is definitely a beautiful moment
  • I'd rather have a so-far-yet-so-close type of relationship than a so-close-yet-so-far one.
  • Nowadays, people are so close-minded to think that long distance relationships are just fun online relationships. They exist for real.
  • When two people are meant to be together, nothing will keep them apart, not even a very long distance in between them
  • f your LDR fails, get rid of the bitterness. Do not tell others who are currently in LDR that they won't make it. You have no rights.
  • Stop being afraid of what could go wrong; why not think positive about what could go right?
  • "I don't believe in LDR. How can you love someone that you can't see or can't be with?" | Me: Oh, have you seen God, btw?

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