Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I used to think like,lets just give up.Its not worth it even a tears or maybe a penny.
And I feel like everything is going no where.And its like ur niat is being toast around.
or maybe manipulated.But then,maybe life is like this.(or maybe niat ko sedikit terpesong lah syg!)
At least this is not the worst.Because somehow,after everything its don't affect me that much.
and because of few people which is like seriously SAYANG me.
Alhamdullilah,I guess I am somehow lucky.
wuut wuut wuut.
 I used be like:
Omo wats my fault?
(banyak banyak)
Huhuhuhu.I really dislike hurting people feelings,its like tutt!But sometimes somehow
because of the short temper which have been my nature (eh kau slhkan sifat semula jadik,alasan!)
so I often like hurt people feeling lah kan.And plus back there,I was not a very like
the tolerate one kot.I mean mcm ditaktor sikit kan.Terperajat seyh when my friend said I ni muka krg bercakap!Krg senyum.Ye ke?(Like what happen to me lah kan??)
and plus I think I nak let down of my Ego sikit lah dan mengaku.(heheheh)
I love to do things without Think first,I love to follow my heart.
so mcm unpredictable dan dare to be dare lah kan.And dah lah stubborn pulak tuh.
 so maybe sbb tu mcm sometimes the result doesn't turn out very well lah kan.
(takpelah sabar ye sayang!)
and I don't know how to actually show my affection towards the one yg I syg ni kan.
sebabnya I am like brutal kan,dulu mama ingat dapat anak laki sekali hah keluar ini gugurl.
Now je dah kurang sikit.But seriously I love my family like no doubt lah kan.
and my dearest friends ever after lah kan.But I guess they found its weird when I show my affection?
Its like this:
Ko sehat tak today?

I mean come on life is short,and where lah I got time nak show lagi kan if not now.
I rarely said like,hey peeps I love you guys so much you know!
I mean its like NO KIDDING lah kan when I said I ni tantrums.
Thats why like bila org nak dekat fikir dua tiga kali dulu. 

When I have a huge crush on someone kan kan?I would seriously jadik lain.
Biasalah tu kan.Rasanya kita sume sama je but I am more out spoken kan.
I like to do like, "Hey i like you" then lari.
Because at least I told you kan.Effort taw.
But I already insyaallah found the love of my life.
The problem with me kan.I am sometimes too honest.
I mean like I have to take times to forget about my someone,I could called him Romeo kot.
Because its like heaven lah kan to just hoping us to be together ever.
But above all this,I syg dia ini bangat weyh.
But then,hello I am really grateful.
Because I have you.
Do you know you complete me?I mean you do take the risk to be this girl.
Thank you.
aja aja hwaiting.
4 or 3 years lagi kan kan?
if not 2 years ok jugak !
hee hee hee

and now If somehow I get hurt,I can stand on my feet really steadily.
Because nothings gonna bring me down.
I know its like what the heaven lah she is talking about kan?

its just a piece of my thought.
after the roller-coaster feel stronger than ever.

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