Sunday, October 16, 2011

Terima kasih awak!

I've come to realize,
that no matter how much time passes,
your first love,
will always be a part of you,
the love that was felt,
the memories you had,
they will always be engraved in your heart & soul</3

Are you happy?
Are you smilling?
Have your wishes become true now?
Don't get hurt oppa.
Thank you for make me a woman.
Thank you for always be by my side.
You are like my omma.
Even if you were so mad at me,you will still try your best
to entertain me.
To tolerate with my tantrums.
And you always be the one I care,insyaallah.
Maybe in time,sometimes I would forget everything.
But still you are the first,that is never will change.
Because you are precious.
Because there is me in you,and you in me.
Please eat well,study well,and lead a good life.
I wish you nothing but happiness.
there is so much things to say.
and I've said so much already.
Terima kasih awak.
For being the best person
that I ever known.
And stay that way.

You were the girl and I was the guy.
lets watch and cry ♥.
coz i tot its for forever.
eerste liefde =)

p/s:It's the hardest thing in the world when you have to let go of your first love..
but as much as it hurts,sometimes you have to.....
(for me at least,u all senang kot..huuhuhu)

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