Saturday, October 22, 2011


I am someone who actually cannot control her emotion(its like kesian kan?)sob2.
When I am pissed-off I will really do anything that people would like think twice,(budak ni ndh kene rasuk ke?)
When I don't like things or something is not right.I will be so freaking silent.
Sometimes I don't eat like forever.
And I just like to stay inside my bedroom and sleep the whole day.
I tot I was like the loudest person eva!
But then my friend said:I am like muka tak nak bercakap je(hihih)
I jugak diklasifikasikan sebagai org yg kurang SENYUM!
I rarely smile nowadays.
When I see someone else smiling,I felt envy.
I wanna smile too.
But I wanted to smile sincerely.I mean nowdays things are like tunggang-terbalik.

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