Friday, February 15, 2013

I am Me :D


Hihihi,before I go back to lendu,and of course settle all my works.Lots of work.
Which I was at first feels unmotivated to do any.
Feels like quitting.But no I wont.
So let me tell you,dari i tecit lagi i suka make up.
suka sangat walopon i dulu boyish.Tak suka tengok cermin bagai.
And I dun have those fancy dress,and I even pukul budak lelaki.mmuahahha.
I mean I hit him with balls for three times!(if im not mistaken,more or less)
But it was like,masa tu tengah main but he dont even catch the ball.
I pon tak tahu knp?Masih wondering.
Sorry le awak.Kita buat awk nangis.sosbs.
And I suka high heels,tapi mmg sakit kau tahu bila pakai.kekekke.
Orang kata Aii ni mcm lady the gaga sikit.

But just so you know,I am me.I mean,its just me.
People prefer to be normal,but i prefer to be me.and its normal to me.
I mean,like I have this weird dreams and weird determination too.
People is like urghh,lol.Some are  not supportive at all,loh its normal kan?
I mean I really hate living with go with the flow,and not making any.
As for me,people always like laugh at me,
when Im wearing weird stuff.Though its like hurt,but u know people.
Unusual thing they don't get to used at it.
And I love to be a journalist,though pemalas yang amat nak mengarang dan buat
research yg
And in fact my other half,insyaAllah is a quarter chinese and
living like about a few hundred miles or thousands from me.
People is like,not supporting LDR.
OH LDR is long distance relationship.kekkeke.
And I've been thinking a lot.
Its my life,u don't pay for the consequence,I've been dealing with it a LOT.
People is not to be please.They always bla bla bla.
Ignore them.Take the good and sincere one,though
its hard to get one.Coz we could not read people heart and mind.
Gosh,there will be bad people.
As Im also a human,I know.
But,this is my life.So I wanna take over.


 Actually Im a quite of rebel,but i do know why I am one.But not that over riot,
maybe.kekke.Oh one of my biggest reason why am I wearing heavy make up sometimes
because I dun really have that flawless face.soobs.But as Im consuming some
medicine right now,hope it will get better.As you know
I have this oily face,and Im sweating easily.And you dont have to make
any face there dear,if u are sincere u shall accept me as who I am.
and when I dont wear any make up,people being so bla bla bla.
My gadd,just because u have those flawless face.kekke.
But I take it as a challenge as back when my face is
quite okay,I was them too.SO THIS IS A big LESSON.Grr teruk betul.T_T
Nowadays, if people have problems with their faces,
I dont like mocking them much.Kekkeke,sometimes I did that
to my siblings,jokingly.kekke.
As my younger sister have this really thick eye brow which actually
makes her look pretty but I like to sakat dia.Lol.
Its a sister things you know.
And too bad Im not photogenic either.Cry to that because I like
taking pictures.I just so like them a lot.

and also,the fact that my other half skin is Ya Allah,flawless you tahu!
Lol,and tinggi!Thank Allah,he like short girl haha.
Im thinking to escape to Thailand,Illocos,India,Singapore or Australia.
Oh but Mekah Mekah!Must be in my permanent list.

When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and no one can ever tear them apart.
 Okay time to do my assignment.Tata.

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