Tuesday, February 5, 2013



 I kinda wanna challenge myself.mmuahahha.
And you should join me too.You know,people have their own personality,
habits and bla bla bla.I used to or maybe still like wanna kick the annoying people.
Because I thought problems will definitely solve as a blink of an eye by doing that.cewah,konon!
but I have come to realize that I shall not be like that.Immature.
As people that know me well must know that I have this really super bad temper,that some people
does not aware of it yet which they just WISH that the dragon
does not come out of me.Kekkekeke.
Everyday is a challenge,there is the 
day I feel unmotivated.Idk if in this world,there is a person
even if he/she don't stutter by his mouth,does he/she does not complain in their heart?
so so so I've come to the conclusion that Ya Allah why am I so bad at being good.
Or even think positively,there are times I seriously wanna kill people that are selfish,
yes of course some people are good at being selfish,me too.lol.
but I feel bad like really bad.Really bad.sometimes I do things and people around me,
even if they are indeed selfish,lol.Okay,there must be a reason,despite 
the reason is good or bad.Maybe the way they brought up is like that,maybe
the way of their life is like that.Everyone is different.And maybe they are like that
because they are lacking of sensitivity,okay lol lagi.But what is my point is,
why can't I think positively even if Im upset?
When Im mad I feel like punch people face,but if I did it would only 
satisfy me a bit not for so long as I am this person always feel guilty even though
Im not at fault.Oh,and I really hate people rise their voice,
but do I need to complain complain or be mad?
Can I just be patient and be patient,despite how annoying or upset
I gets.I wanna like challenge myself as I really hate being grumpy or in serial killer
mode.Lol.Its life,I mean so what?
So what if people cheat,backstab, steal your things ,or talk about you behind your backs?
Or even separate duper dirty rumors about you?  
Or maybe hurt u by their insensitive sense or words?
or maybe leave you?do you need to complain always?
You have Allah,why didn't you rely on him 100%?
when you heart gets dark,why didn't you recites Al-Quran instead?
when u are hurt why didn't you pray for forgiveness from Allah?
 Why can't you smile when you hurt and complain and complain.
can't you just be patience?
Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, have a rough journey to preach about ISLAM to others,
so why can't you be patience?
I feel really bad when I lose my temper,when Im gossiping about people.
I just need to something better.
Clear my heart.Yes,people did bad things.Hate their sinds not them.
Cummon Ain,you can do it!
oh btw,My name is Ain.Hohoho,Lee Ann Izzura is just
my nick name yaw...but I prefer you call me Ain,its mean light.
I shall light your days.mmauhahahah.
I wanna change the link actually.sobs.but I have
change it so many times.and people that follow me will lose 
all the updates,cewah cewah.
so forgive me.But Im gonna change the header I guess.
I mean the name as I just love love my header quotes very the much.
so InsyaAllah,Im gonna be a lot patience,as I write this.
I know,there will be a lot of tests I will going through,but this is life.
If you wanna go to heaven,you have to work hard.
Allah don't just create us for nothing.In fact we are the Khalifah in this world.

Just smile,when people hurt you.
and I wish my heart won't complain much or my head
won't think bad things.
be positive,cummon!

Sabar itu bukan separuh dari iman,tapi sebahagian.
Included.kalau separuh,mmg sat lg jadi dragon ball.yahhh.
Okay have a nice days korang :D
Pray for me eh.Wuuwuwu.
kesabaran haruslah tinggi.

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