Monday, February 18, 2013

Why so bias?


At first I wanna write,why so racist?But I guess what I wanna share with you,
is more than that.Oh I just realize that I have a funny english.At first of course,low
self-esteem.(Im having my muet test soon T_T).But then wait a minute,
my accent are me,so I don't really bleach out my identity.Miiahahaha.So please please
do not call me arrogant,just because I speak in English,I know my English is crappy T_T.
I just want to improve,help me will you?tenchu!(Thank you version gedik dan manja,ouh loving)
So what I wanna tell you today is,I feel sad when people nowadays are so RACIST,
and not only that,they divided to many groups.For example,the hot one,the nerd,the rich,
the poor,the whatever you call them.Or is like when someone do something wrong,
and he/she is a Malay,the people assume every Malay is like that.wuuuu:(
Its really uncool.Or maybe when a teacher like to scold and be grumpy to their loving 
and "naughty" students,the students will end up state that the teacher is the worst teache
exist in the whole world.Or the best part is assume that all teachers are like that.T_T.
sad right?
And people that labeling or define beautiful is someone that suppose to be fair and
ok fair.and ugly people is dark T_T.Or intelligent people,is people who graduates
from the prestige school,and stupid people is the person who does not have any
academic qualification.We are seriously having serious issue here Im talking about.
We divide ourselves to many parts in society.And always assume better than asking.
And label a person through first impression.
Im just so sad,when people are racist.Because my reason is a bit crazy.Miiahah.
But these are some of the reasons.
  • Even though of course my race is Malay,but have u ever do the research about your race?I mean are you even pure  something?As for me Im mix with so many races actually.So regardless written in My IC that way,but once back then we came from the same great great great granpa and granmom.Regardless what is ur religion is,if in Islam back then our Prophet Adam a.s  and Hawa is the first couple exist in this world.So we are connected,why can't we be kind to each other?Maybe your eyes is bigger or smaller than me,but still differences makes the world a beautiful rainbow.mmiahahha,okay a little metaphor or hyperbolic there.
  • For now,in the present I have this special someone,u might saying urgh because of "someone".And even so if because it is,I learn a lot.From a narrow-minded person,to be more open minded but still of course I have my rules too,because a world without rules will eventually lead to massive destruction of ourselves.So he is mix,a quarter German.:) No no please don't say bad things,I mean please pray for the best.One of the reason I don't really show him off because I learn that is better to really show him off ,or maybe not when we get marry.Cewah,amin amin amin.Even if not,Im glad I knew him.Its a bless that Allah give to me,after everything.
  • Some people said,maybe Im stupid for not being racist,but after all we all human.Can't we just live with each other peacefully?Are we proud for having to stab other races just because we are different from them?Have you ever think about even if u are in the races,are you have the same eyes?blood type?and so many expect more
  • People might said that this is rubbish,are u seriously think with your bias mind and heart?

Im scared,because I see people stabs each other just
because they think they are right.

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