Sunday, February 3, 2013

One and Only :)


For me Long Distance relationship is easy.Sometimes it may hurt,but hello short
distance also the same
I mean,when u have this ldr,u gonna be strong and ur faith is high.
But let me tell u something,don't be so devoted to people,
I mean,cummon put Allah(God) first.InsyaAllah all izz well.
You know why?Because,even the relationship is not going anywhere,
you won't be so called heartbroken.Because,He will give u something better.Trust me.
U may hurt badly,but u r not dead yet.So drag ur feet,the hurt will some how,vanish through time.
Fight for those you think is worth it,not for some jerk,okay?
You don't have to ask the opinion from the people around you,because deep inside you know
what best for you.Yeah right they can do the talking,but do
they really sincere to help or maybe they might backstabs you?
beware people,ur own bestfriends can do the same thing to u.Trust me.
But who cares,u do what u do,and then u get what u deserve back:)
You could love people,but to love them more that ur Creator is not right.
Because you know what,without Allah(God) you won't even survive to be a human now.
And when you meet your other half,He is the one decide it for you.
Its called fate,destiny.And when you feel so lonely bla bla bla, you are not that lonely,
He is there with you,24 hours.7 DAYS A WEEK.AND 365 a years,correct me if Im wrong.
Peoplle gonna break you,lie to you,and rip u apart.
He never leave you alone.
Find your way,InsyaAllah.Everything gonna be bettre.
Life is a struggle,a war and you should fight every day of ur life :)

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