Tuesday, July 16, 2013



Remember those hard time?
So maybe this could make you smile.Maybe.

"You know what,Im not strong."She.
"I know,that is why I always hold my phone so that you if anything happen,
if you need me,Im gonna be there for you."He.
"You know what,what if your girlfriend or future wife don't like me?What if
you will just be like the other one that left me?"She.
"You know Im not like that,right?I always show you off to my friends.Even
to the girl I love.Hey,I sayang you tahu."He.
"But maybe because of that,you might not have any friend and I don't know anything.
I feel scared of trusting people."She.
"Look,this bond is precious.You know what,I bersyukur sangat dapat kwn dgn you.5 tahun bukan sekejap.
But you know and I know,who is inside your heart.So lantaklah dia orang nk ckp apa.
You always have my side.And I know,your afraid to trust,but hey Im not gonna ask you
to trust me,but did I ever make you cry?Did I ever lie to you?You know it better."He.
"Im the queen of insecurity and awkward.Don't you think Im so lame?"She.
"No you are not.You just feel like that because of some jerk put you in that situation.
I know you well,you are never like that.And it is the truth.Look,Im maybe far away right now,
but you know that Im there always,Im always with you."He.
"Im tired."She.
"Take a rest.Okay?"He.
"You are being super annoying!"She.
"Well my wonder girl is coming back.You gonna be okay."He.
"What if Im not?I just wanna lay on my bed all day."She.
"Okay,but with 3 conditions.Don't forget to pray,5 times a day.Second,
do not forget to recites some ayat frot the Al-Quran.Pendek pon takpe.Asal kau buka
Al-Quran tu.Thirdly,zikrullah.Zikir okay?Then if anything,just give me a call.But I got exam like
 another 2 hours,If Im not there,Im gonna bet there when Im there."He.
"You said you gonna always be there for me."She.
"Makcik,literally you know I am.Don't be so comel boleh?"He.
"Im not comel,it is called clingy."She.
"So what?I think Im more clingy than you"He.
""Why you don't wanna ask me why?"She.
"I know you are not okay.So if you wanna story you will,I don;t wanna force you.
It might be hard to explain,so let it just comes out naturally okay?"He.
"What about the love of your life?"She.
"She is here tahu.She kirim salam said cheer up baby girl!See,I don't neglect
you.And she totally know you tahu."He.
"Hmm.did she read this?"She.
"Hahahahha,tertengoklah.Not all,just a little.Malu ke jealous ni?."He.
"The day that Im gonna be jealous of your love will never exist ye pakcik.No lah,
I just hated to kacau you,kang tak pasal-pasla free-free je mcm dulu tu jadi."She.
"Lol,you know what.If people don't like you,Im not even gonna interested with them.
That is how much you meant to me.I care tahu!"He.
"Behavelah mangkuk,Im not your girlfriend."She.
"Yes my girl is back!Love it.Taklah makcik,this is the way I am 5 years ago,and 
this is the way I am now.Tak pernah berubah tahu."He.
"Tahu,saja je.Tapi seriously you need to cut off your sweet talker skill with everyone lah.
Aku dh lah menyampah weyh."She.
"I know lah you hate sweet talker thing.Tapi nak wat mcm mana,ummie mmg dh ajar aku
ckp sweet2,kang tak masal aku kene lempang dgn umiie tahu ckp gengster2.Kalau
Ummie tahu aku ber "kau" dan "aku" dgn kau ni alamatnya mmg lah aku kena
tazkirah tahu.Kau lah gengster sangat."He.
"Nanti aku bg tahu Ummie,biar padan muka dgn kau."She.
"Well,bila aku panggil nama kau,kau nk muntah darah.So terpaksalah aku bergenster dgn kau.
Tapi takpelah,insyaAllah ummie faham.Sebabnya kau pon kan tomboyish muslimah sikit."He.
"Kau nak aku block kau seminggu ke?"She.
"Kalau kau block aku,seriously Im just gonna take a flight and balik."He.
"Ish sweet talker!"She.
"Well sweet talker?Habis yg masa birthday kau aku balik tu?Only for 4 days,thousand miles
kau tahu aku jelajah sbb kang kalau aku tak balik,sedih pulak.Hah apa tu?"He.
"Okay man,I get you.Thank you for this.Im gonna be okay.Kirim slaam dgn Ummie nanti
kalau kau skype.Cakap dgn Ummie,anak dia dah pandai menggatal."She.
"Well,kawan baik siapa kan?"He.
"Whatever,Okay I gotta go man."She.
"Okay,take care sweet thang."He.


Sometimes in the darkness of you life,you just have to look the light
using your heart not your eyes.
And cherish every single little things.MAY Allah bless you,beautiful soul.
There is no power greater than Allah love,indeed.

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