Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Is this what they called fate?


I actually translate my own feelings through script,quotes a good saying and lyrics.
So this is another one.
 But I will change it a bit.

"Que,when a person take care of another that means that person loves the other right?
Que,you can take care of Adelia.Because I will be taking care of you,Que."Sophie.


"I think Im in love with you."Sophie

Que was laughing hilariously!

"This was much funnier than the hare and tortoise joke."Que

Sophie have to fake the laugh to cover up the embarassement because Que was too blind
to see it.He tot that was a big joke instead!

"Oh ,was it so funny?"Sophie. *faking the tone.

"Yes funny,very funny!"Que.

"Im glad it's funny for you.It's funny right?"Sophie.

"Yes it's funny but next time try to get the same quality for your script..Your script
was turned down you said.What exactly you are doing every night by the desk?
Why so stubborn?You should just go to sleep and put your brain to rest.If I sat by the desk
like you,I've had  like 10 script's done already!Im really not sure why  Mukhriz hired you.
It doesn't make any sense to me."Que.

"I must be crazy."Sophie


"I said I must be crazy!"Sophie.

But in the end they still go back for each other.
Ngahahha.This is the line from full house okay!
I really like how genuine that girl is,I mean even it was hurting her she always
wear that bright smiles!And even when she cry,she still loves.
I love the positive vibes!

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