Thursday, July 11, 2013

Have a little Faith.


Slap my face!Wake up!Ngaahhahahhahah.I was drowning into the darkest
This is epic.But yeah.
I shall slap myself because I feel ALONE.When the fact that Allah is taking care of me.
I shall slap myself,because I feel numb.When Im surrounded by love.
I shall slap myself for thinking negatively,when the sun is shining brightly.
I shall remind myself that,hey Im the super happy bubbly person.Lol.

The trick is when things aren’t so great, you don’t junk the whole thing. It’s okay to have an argument. It’s okay that the other one nudges you a little, bothers you a little. It’s part of being close to someone.
        —  Have a little faith, Mitch Albom             


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