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 Don't ever doubt your awesomeness; remind yourself of who you are. 
Awesomeness is in your DNA. You are naturally awesome. Allow yourself to be natural. Be cool, be you, have fun.

Ngahahahahhah,phrases atas tu mcm memuji diri sendiri!But actually,I just wanna let u know that,dun worry!
Don't worry if you feel like you feel that you kind of a weird person.I always feel like that.
I always feel Im so weird that no one can even be compatible with me.
I often feel like Im gonna be left out.Because sometimes my way of thinking,is indeed
beyond your imagination.Lol.But why?
It is because those imagination,is my hope.Is the reason I stay strong.Through all that,
maybe is one day I work hard enough,it wont be just some silly imagination.
I used to think,being weird is a bad thing.BUT NOW I think it is awesome,and just another
term for ONE OF THE KIND,or Unique.I use my imagination,and thoughts,ideas as a weapon.
Weapon to cherish this life.Without all that,I might just as well be a super weak person.
To be honest,I have a lot of weird wishes.Ngahahha,and one of my weird wishes,is I want to pengsan,faint.
How it would feel when you just pass out.How it will be?Is it painful?
So,Alhamdullilah my wish has been fulfill!.
Let me tell you something,this is not to show off.But I hope you can take this positively.
To tell you the truth.I hate needle!But I always wanna donate my blood.I've been rejected for
like 3 or 4 times,and one of the reason is because,I am under weight.
I was a fat person,and actually I never have those feeling like I look fat or ugly.
Until,a person that I like many2 years ago said that my face is not worth it even a cent,and
I think he sorta called me fat or something.I was like 13 or twelve.I really didn't know
that actually Im ugly.and fat.What I know,is I was happy.
But then,starting from that,I started to be thinner.thinner.and thinner.My teacher asked me back the,
"Are you sick?Because you look  so thin?"
I was actually happy because Im finally am thin,but too bad,I started to get sick.
I got gastric.Maybe you gonna say,alah gastrik je kot kan?
But to tell you the truth,gastric is one the disease that can cause death.
When gastric strike you,then you will know,how freaking painful it is.
PAINFUL SO BADLY!but Im gonna story about it later.
So due to my under weight problem,I can't donate my blood.Actually,there was other problem,
but let it  be a secret.
So,one fine day.I think,it was on my last sem in Uni.I spotted a blood donation campaign or
something.So I was excited!I even eat a lot because I wanna do this.I will not lie,that actually,
Im afraid of the needle!But I really wanna know how it would feel.
And one more thing is,because I know that a lot of people need my blood!
But the problem was,I think Im lacking of sleep.You need at least 5 hours of sleep,ya know!
But I cannot slept the night before,so yeah.Yeah!But I abandon the risk,so I told that maybe
I have more than 5 hours sleep.Because actually I really am not sure okay.Is it less,or more.
so hentam sajalah labu.Ngahahhaha.But I think I really don't sleep well and it is less than 5 hours.ngahhahaha.
And for the first time in my life,I realize that oh Im a type B blood!wehooo!
So after dah derma my blood,I felt sleepy.I was trying to make myself as conscious as possible!
 At first kan,I fel like okay I just felt sleepy,takde ah mcm pening gilos ke apa.Kalau korang
derma darah,nanti dpt makanan free,tapi kan that is not the point okay,tapi Aii dapat nasi ayam.yum yum!
But you know what happen,I didn't realize masa kat meja tu I actually dah pengsan .
So yeah,I was about to eat my nasi ayam,that is when everything is totally blank!
So the feelings of being faint is actually,you will not sedar yg you gonna faint.Maybe pening siikit tu tandanya.atau ngantuk.After pengsan tu,I rasa penat gilos.And I think I was dreaming for a moment.
Ce bayangkan situation yg bila uolls ingat uolls tengah membuta dekat tilam empuk dekat umah.
pastu tetiba,korang rasa badan korang kene gegar!Semua orang suruh bangun.
Memula tu Aii tak tahu yg Aii pengsan,I was like what the heck?Sape yg kejut
kan aku tengah tido sesedap ni!But then,tetiba I remember,well hello Im not in my room.
And Oh,aku baru pengsan.Doktor dan nurses sume menyerbu kat Aii you know!
Semua suruh bangun.Tapi yg tak boleh belahnya,bila dia org suruh Aii diri.Sebab nak alihkan kat tilam.Aii was serabut!Takleh fikir,and rasa mcm,hello baru pengsan ni nak suruh diri pegi kat tilam.
Seriously???Tapi Aii cuba gak ah bangun.Because masa tu mmg feeling2
really sick.Rasa pening gilos after pengsan,dan rasa nak muntah.Lama gak lag lepak kat
tilam tu,and I was puking ya know.Ngaahhahhaha.
And for the next one week finally I think.I got migrain.I think it was the first time in my life.
Mmg sakit kepala gilos!My mistake I think either it is because my wight was just tepat2 45 or
one kg's above 45 ataupun it is because gua tak cukup tido!
Tapi gua mmg rasa sbb tak cukup tido tulah gua kena sampai mcm tu sekali!sobs kau tahu.
Pengajarannya,kalau tak cukup tido,kau jgn gedik nk derma darah.Ngahhaha.
But I don't really regret it,ce kau bayangkan.Satu titik darah kau boleh selamatkan nyawa orang,tak mcm cool ke?
Gua cakap lu,mmg gua menyampah tahu dengan needle,tapi tak syiok ah bro kalau hidup
pentingkan diri kan?
So gua dapat fulfill my 3 wishes,derma darah and also pengsan,and another wish I think was
mmg pastu nafsu makan korang akan banyak,tapi aku control ah jugak.Lek sudah,tak gemuk
pon kalau korang derma darah.Kenalah pandai control.So gua dapat prove that org yg ckp kalau derma darah kita akan gemok tu,totally wrong.Korang kene pandai control diri korang.
I have a lot more weird wishes,but let it be.Ngahhahahahha.

You are not weird,you are one of a kind!Walla weyh!You are okay?
Aii cakap dgn u lah ni..
Nanti kalau rajin I update and touch up balik this story.Ngahahhaha.ENJOY!

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